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              Everybody makes progress:

              1、People orientation. Staff is the principal part of the enterprise as well as the impetus for enterprise development and progress. Valuing people, caring people, and motivating people will sufficiently release people’s initiative and potency, which is a reflection of the enterprise’s vitality.

              2、People form teams. A united, diligent team presents unbeatable fighting capacity and infinitive creativity.

              3、Competitiveness vividly reflects people’s quality, consciousness, capacity, ambition and pursuit, which indicates sense of social responsibility of the enterprise as well.

              Making progress everyday:

              1、It is the ultimate spiritual pursuit of the enterprise to provide the society with better products and services which is also deemed as Kuayue’s social responsibility and guideline for Kuayue people’s daily work.

              2、As progress makes prosperity, regression leads to disorganization and the fittest can better survive, the enterprise shall continuously strive for improvement and progress; keep pace with the times and try to get better; and make innovations in thought, system, technologies and products, with attempts to raise core competitiveness and market influence of the enterprise.

              3、Development of the enterprise and progresses made by staff are always mutually interplayed and promoted. Only when a total of progress is realized in both enterprise and staff, can the enterprise become stronger and staff reap happiness.  

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