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              2014     Started to engage in financial sector by investing and holding shares of Chongqing Bilindao Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd.;。
              2013 Sales volume exceeded RMB 2 billion;
              October 2011 Chang’an Kuayue Automobile Co., Ltd. moved integrally to Wanzhou Tianziyuan Economic-Technological Development Area, becoming the first camp of Chinese automobile - Chongqing production base of commercial vehicles by Chang’an automobile group; 
              May 2010 The founding of Chongqing Hante Information & Technology Co., Ltd. which is dedicated to IT development and services marked the group’s involvement in mobile internet and IT development;
              November 2009 With the establishment of Chongqing Kuayue Industry Investment Co., Ltd., the group set out in capital management strategy;
              2007 Sales volume exceeded RMB 1 billion;
              March 2007 Chongqing Chang’an Kuayue Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. was registered in Wanzhou by Chang’an Kuayue, for initial preparation of integral moving of the enterprise into the storage area;
              June 2006 Chongqing New Kuayue Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was incorporated upon restructuring of Chongqing Kuayue Property Development Co., Ltd., bringing vitality for the group to engage in real estate development;
              January 2005 Longma Shopping Mall, the first commercial property of the group, was put into operation in Luzhou of Sichuan, which represented the real estate business advanced to other regions beyond Chongqing;
              January 2004  As with the founding of Kuayue Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Luzhou, Sichuan), the group set foot in development and construction of commercial property;
              October 2002 Weidali Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was officially renamed as Chongqing Kuayue Property Development Co., Ltd.;
              April 2001 Chongqing Shunfeng Auto Maintenance Co., Ltd. was officially renamed as Chongqing Shunfeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.;
              January 1999 Chang’an Kuayue Automobile Co., Ltd. was incorporated through joint stock, thereafter the group got involved in auto manufacturing, primarily micro and light truck, with business branching into both domestic and oversea markets;
              November 1998 The group was granted the rights of self-managed import and export upon approval of State Economic and Trade Commission and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic cooperation, for the expansion of oversea business;
              1997 The group acquired Chongqing Steel Ball Factory, a bankrupted stated-owned enterprise, by participating in the state-owned enterprise reform;
              January 1996 With the establishment of Xiangyu Chemical Co., Ltd. in Xinhua County of Hunan, the group broadened its business to fine chemicals, with its subsidiaries settled in other provinces;
              1995 Sichuan Wanxian Kuayue Investment Development Co., Ltd. was set up, which invested and constructed Zhoujiaba Yimin Highway in Tianchen Zone of Wanzhou District;
              June 1994 Chongqing Kuayue (Group) Co., Ltd. was incorporated upon approval of Chongqing Development and Reform Commission;
              1992—1993 Chongqing Kangwei Technology Co., Ltd., Weidali Real Estate Development Co, Ltd, and Chongqing Shunfeng Auto Maintenance Co., Ltd. were set up successively, as a prelude of progress of Kuayue Group.

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